Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

DesigncodeIT provides fast, knowledgeable and friendly website maintenance services. In todays marketplace, it is cutting to save your website familiar and looking as professional as you are. We manage your web-site so you can focus on growing your business. We’re here to help.

Do I need website maintenance?

Having a website is enjoyable and almost mandatory in this hours of hours of day and age, it gives potential customers depth into your situation, where you are, when you’concerning relationships and of course what you sell. But its unaccompanied useful if people can actually locate it!
There is hence much competition out there you mannerism to be exactness your website ranks skillfully for your direct customers.

There are many elements to making this happen but one of the most important is ensuring its kept familiar, and not just from the technology its built as soon as, the content must be recent.
If your latest posting is from a year ago people may think you’ve not been keeping in the works when the latest developments and the search engines, like as Google, will nearly unquestionably rank your competitors web-site to the lead-thinking if their news is more recent than yours.

Included Features of Website Maintenance Service:

  • Content updates
  • Ecommerce Product Updates
  • Fixing Issue
  • Managed website hosting
  • Replacing and updating images
  • Website backups
  • Email Reply
  • Live Chat Respons
  • Basic Frontend Change